Produce something because you have something to produce, not because you have to produce something

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Design Practice

Product Design Processes

Experienced with in depth research and problem defining through till concept generation and high fidelity prototyping and design thinking. A broad range of general skills associated with design, with my key interests and specialities below.


A key passion of mine is sustainability, which I am putting forward as a requirement for all future facing projects. Proper integration of sustainability requires system wide thinking and rethinking apart the traditional methods of manufacture.

Distributed Design

Distributed design is the opposition to mass production by connecting designers, small scale manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Collaboration across all of these sectors improves.


Remanufacturing of existing components takes up the slack when OEM manufacturers cease production. My previous projects have included automotive parts for classic and modern Land Rovers, where parts are no longer available.

Technical Prototyping

An essential skill to good design. I am a strong believer in understanding manufacturing processes and making things myself because in order to produce high quality designs the limitations and benefits of processes must be understood.

Right to Repair and responsibility

I feel strongly that all devices should be repairable down to the component level, and would encourage an improved system based around the supply and availability of spare parts.

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